Empowering the community, one fitness class at a time

Free and subsidised group fitness classes, workshops and events for the community.

Who we are

Vibe Life is more than just fitness classes, it’s a beacon of health, positivity and empowerment. Guided by our philosophy – “Don’t Just Ride, Feel the Vibe“, we offer tailored fitness classes catered to everyone – particularly those who are overlooked by traditional fitness facilities or don’t feel comfortable in a gym environment.

Dedicated to addressing health inequalities, our community-centric approach ensures a safe, engaging, and fun experience. Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or seeking a communal space of growth and wellbeing, Vibe Life welcomes you.

What we do

Specialised Classes

Tailored sessions for different target groups like new mums, older adults, ladies only and complete beginners.

Community Collaboration

Partnerships and joint events with local community projects and centres to increase physical activity participation.

Group Fitness Classes

A range of freestyle Vibe classes suitable for beginners, designed to get people moving and enjoying fitness

Education and Outreach

Workshops, seminars and events on healthy lifestyles, nutrition, wellbeing and more.


Fitness events to support local charities and CICs who share our mission.

What people say