Vibe Fit Mums

Post Natal Fitness Classes and 1-1 Sessions

Vibe Life has joined forces with Fabulously Fit Mums to create Vibe Fit Mums – the ultimate and most fun way to help Mums of all ages, shapes and sizes get back to being fit, fabulous and FEELING THE VIBE!

Are you a Mum who has recently had a baby? Are you concerned about your post pregnancy jelly-like tummy? Are you unsure where to start and what exercises are safe for you to do? If your answer is YES to some, or all of these questions, then we are here to help you!

We currently deliver “Feel The Vibe” Group Exercise Classes and 1-2-1 Post-Natal Training Sessions in the West Midlands. Your baby is welcome to all our sessions so you will not need to find childcare. We also hold sessions for Mum’s with older children.

Please contact us for more information.

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Core Restore Home Workout Programme

This Core Restore Home Workout Programme is your first step and the foundation of your post-natal recovery. In each workout 5 vital components are put into practice to ensure complete pelvic floor restoration and posture correction.

Initially, your trainer will book you in for a Back To Exercise Consultation during which you will receiver;

  • A Postural, Abdominal Separation and Pelvic Health Assessment
  • The identification of your current level of post-natal recovery
  • Exercise Prescription
  • 4 Volumes of progressive Core Restore Workouts

You will also be provided with information on;

  • Why performing Kegels on their own to re-activate and re-condition the pelvic floor is not enough.
  • Why sit-ups can cause more harm than good.
  • How to practice “good abdominal care” throughout your WHOLE day.

Please note, you will need a ball and resistance band to complete some of the exercises in the programme.

Feel The Vibe Group Exercise Classes

Our specially adapted Vibe classes will get you burning fat, losing weight and flattening your tummy in the most fun way possible!  Each class will last not longer than 30 minutes. We will be doing our classes the way we have always done them – THE VIBE WAYthe most FUN way to be FIT and FABULOUS, (in our opinion)!

These classes are suitable for Mums who have completed at least Level 1 of the Core Restore Home Workout Programme and are now at Level 2 or above. Once your Vibe Fit Mums trainer is aware of what level you are, they will be able to give you safe and effective adaptations for exercises in classes such as Vi-Buggy, Vibe Cycle, Vibe Step, Vibe Dance Aerobics, Vi-Body, Vi-Bands, Vibe Power and Vibe Kettlebells.

For more information on our local and online classes, please contact us.

One To One Post Natal Training Sessions

During our 1-2-1 Post Natal Training Sessions, we will educate, support and motivate you in ALL THE KEY areas to ensure optimal post-natal healing and recovery.  This is our ultimate bespoke and holistic package. Your trainer will guide you every step of the way through progressive, personalised targets to help you form new and healthy nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits.

Before you start your first training session, we will book you in for a “Mummy MOT” lifestyle analysis. This will allow your trainer to design your bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan and 1-2-1 exercise sessions.

You will receive our tried and tested Banish The Baby Bulge Manual – our Vibe nutrition plan for recent mums, (and indeed for older mums too). This manual is based on comprehensive principles and simple food that’s easy to prepare and tastes great! It includes vital education on;

  • Why this fat loss system WILL work for you
  • How & Why the ‘Super Foods’ in your new eating plan improve your health
  • How you can eat ‘Good’ Fat to Lose ‘Bad’ Fat
  • Why cardio machines ARE NOT your best choice for fat loss

For more information on our local and online 1-2-1 post natal training sessions, please contact us. (Please note single training sessions and discounted training packages are available).